About The Wangjing (Thoubal District) Center

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This Senior Citizen Home is located at Wangjing S.K. Leikai, Thoubal District, Manipur, India. Wangjing Village is surrounded by many villages namely, Lamding, Tentha, Sambram, Tekcham, Sapam, Khongjom, Heirok, Kairembikhok, Uyal, Wangbal, Khangabok and Sangaiyumpham. It is not dicfficult for the helpless, ignored or battered older women from the neighbouring villages to find this SCHOW at Wangjing. They can come and stay in the Senior Citizen Home easily. The list of beneficiaries and staffs are given below.

SL NO. Name Father/Mother/Husband Name D.O.B Photo Address Date Of Entry
1 Ashangbam Ongbi Ibemu Devi A. Anilkumar Singh 12-05-1945 Wangjing Tekcham Leikai 01-04-2018
2 Kabrabam Leimahal Devi K. Yaima Singh 13-04-1930 Lamding Nashikhong Leikai 01-04-2018
3 Sorokhaibam Ngambi Devi S. Shyamsunder Singh 15-10-1955 Sekmaijin Bazar 01-04-2018
4 Laishram Ongbi Bishoya Devi Y. Bidhu Singh 01-05-1955 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
5 Laishram Ongbi Jandhabi Devi L. Maimu Singh 01-01-1946 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
6 Ashangbam Ongbi Ibemu devi N. Kullap Singh 01-01-1948 Wangjing Tekcham Leikai 01-04-2018
7 Yumnam Thoibi Devi Y. Nabakumar Singh 01-02-1950 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
8 Heikrujam Ongbi Memma Devi S. Ibobi Singh 01-01-1944 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
9 Laishram Ashangbi Devi L. Noyon Singh 02-03-1938 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
10 Laishram Ongbi Bina Devi L. Nilamani Singh 02-01-1948 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
11 Tongbram Ongbi Ganga Devi Th. Amuthoi Singh 05-04-1950 Wangjing Wangkhei 01-04-2018
12 Leirelakpam Ongbi Sushila Devi Th. Nila Singh 04-01-1945 Wangjing Wangkhei 01-04-2018
13 Moirangthem Prava Devi T. Bira Singh 01-04-1952 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
14 Heikrujam Sanatombi Devi H. Parikheta Singh 06-09-1943 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
15 Laimujam Memcha Devi L. Chaotombi Singh 05-03-1948 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
16 Yumnam Ongbi Ibemhal Devi K. Yaima Singh 01-01-1948 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
17 Abujam Mema Devi A. Yaimachouba Singh 01-08-1939 Lamding Nashikhong Leikai 01-04-2018
18 Kshetrimayum Ongbi Hembi Devi L. Thambal Singh 01-01-1945 Wangjing S.K. Leikai 01-04-2018
19 Ashangbam Ongbi Maloti Devi A. Angoubi Singh 01-01-1946 Wangjing Tekcham Leikai 01-04-2018
20 Sinam Purnimashi Devi S. Iboton Singh 01-03-1952 Lamding Nashikhong Leikai 01-04-2018
21 Sorokhaibam Ongbi Tombi Devi Ch. Samu Singh 01-01-1957 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
22 Narengbam Ongbi Kumari Devi N. Ibohal Singh 01-01-1954 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
23 Shamurailatpam Tombisana Devi Ch. Tombi Sharma 01-01-1946 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018
24 Laishram O Memcha Devi Y. Pishak Singh 01-01-1956 Wangjing Sorokhaibam Leikai 01-04-2018
25 Laishram Bino Devi A. Yaima Singh 01-02-1957 Wangjing Bazar 01-04-2018

Staff List of Wangjing (Thoubal District)

SL NO. Name Father/Mother/Husband Name Educational Qualification Designation Date Of Appointment
1 Thongam Uneshori Devi Th. Ibomcha Singh B.Sc. Social Worker/Counselor 01-04-2019
2 Meisnam Shanti Devi N. Budha Singh B.Sc. Yoga Therapist 01-04-2019
3 Laishram Menaka Devi L. Hem Singh GNM Staff Nurse (P/T) 01-04-2019
4 Heikrujam Premila Devi H. Ramananda Singh X Cook 01-04-2019
5 Khundrakpam Ongbi Promila Devi Kh. Suresh Singh X Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2019
6 Laishram Inaocha Devi L. Keshor Singh X Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2019
7 Lairenlakpam Ongbi Basanti Devi Th. Gopal Singh X Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2019
8 Moirangthem Binoy Singh M. Ibopishak Singh M.A Superintendent 01-04-2020
9 Thounaojam Shantikumar Singh Th Manik Singh MBBS Doctor (P/T) 01-04-2020