About The Naranseina (Bishnupur District) Center

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Naranseina village is located in Bishnupur Tehsil of Bishnupur District in Manipur, India. Naranseina village comes under Moirang Assembly Constitution and Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constitution. It is a remote area which is 12 k, away from the district head quarter of Bishnupur District. WWAGS select Naranseina village to set up a Senior Citizen Home so that the helpless, ignored or battered older women from the neighbouring villages can come and stay in the SCHOW without must struggles. The list of beneficiaries and staffs of SCHOW, Naranseina are given below:

SL NO. Name Father/Mother/Husband Name D.O.B Photo Address Date Of Entry
1 Khwairakpam Pashot Devi Kh. Mani Singh 01-07-1940 Naranseina Makha Leikai 01-04-2020
2 Takhelchangbam Leimu Devi T. Radhamadhop 30-12-1945 Naranseina Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
3 Khumukcham Manitombi Devi Kh. Mani Singh 05-02-1952 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
4 Yumnam Radhe Devi Y. Rajmohon Singh 05-03-1945 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
5 Ningthoujam Ibemhal Devi N. Ningthemjao Singh 02-04-1935 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020
6 Soibam Keinahan Devi S. Tomba Singh 07-03-1940 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
7 Khangembam Leishabi Devi Kh. Ibotomba Singh 02-02-1945 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
8 Salam Mani Devi S. Damu Singh 01-03-1931 Naranseina Awangh Leikai 01-04-2020
9 Konjengbam Sanahanbi Devi K. Chonjon Singh 05-03-1949 Naranseina Awang Leikai 01-04-2020
10 Oinam Leishabi Devi O. Mangi Singh 02-01-1955 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
11 Irengbam Memcha Devi I. Kullachandra Singh 02-01-1950 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020
12 Moirangthem Ibeton Devi M. Ibocha Singh 28-11-1948 Naranseina Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
13 Thingujam Apabi Devi Th. Ibohal Singh 01-06-1947 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
14 Loukrakpam Modhumati Devi L. Manichouba Singh 02-03-1945 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
15 Longjam Thoibi Devi L. Mani Singh 01-07-1934 Naranseina Mamang Leikai 01-04-2020
16 Khwairakpam Ahanbi Devi Kh. Budhi Singh 07-08-1938 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020
17 Anoubam Thambalsang Devi A. Gourachandra Sharma 07-02-1940 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020
18 Ningthoujam Ibeton Devi N. Tomba Singh 08-10-1937 Naranseina Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
19 Ningthoujam Taru Devi N. Chaoba Singh 01-02-1939 Naranseina Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
20 Ningthoujam Tombi Devi N. Amusana Singh 07-02-1955 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020
21 Chanambam Dhanapati Leima CH. Kullachandra Meitei 04-10-1941 Naranseina 01-04-2020
22 Salam Tababi Devi S. Sanatomba Singh 07-11-1948 Naranseina Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
23 Ningthoujam Lashamani Devi N. Leikhombi Singh 17-06-1940 Naranseina Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
24 Laishram Nungshitombi Devi L. Dhananjoy Singh 29-10-1954 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020
25 Ningthoujam Sanahanbi Devi N. Amuyaima Singh 20-11-1958 Naranseina Mayai Leikai 01-04-2020

Staff List of Naranseina (Bishnupur District)

SL NO. Name Father/Mother/Husband Name Educational Qualification Designation Date Of Appointment
1 N. Sideswori Devi N. Munal Singh B.A Superintendent 01-04-2020
2 Sarangthem Taruni Devi S. Pratap Singh B.A Social Worker / Counselor 01-04-2020
3 Lairellakpam Ibomcha Singh L. Keshor Singh MBBS Doctor (P/T) 01-04-2020
4 N. Ashalata Devi N. Ranjit Singh B.Sc Yoga Therapist 01-04-2020
5 Sapam Valentina Devi S. Shyam Singh ANM Staff Nurse (P/T) 01-04-2020
6 Sarangthem Memton S. Ashok Singh XII Cook 01-04-2020
7 Tongbram Bhanu Devi T. Bimolchand Singh B. Sc Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2020
8 Sarangthem Kananbala Devi S. Dhiren Singh B.Sc Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2020
9 Kh. Thoiba Singh Kh. Maniram Singh B.Sc Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2020