About The Lakhimpur Ward No. 9 (Jiribam District) Center

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Jiribam is a Municipal Council in the Jiribam district of Manipur, India. The town is located on the western most boundary of Manipur state. It is also known as the western gate of Manipur. Jiribam town is a valley area which is 200.5 km away from Imphal, the capital of Manipur. These two valley areas Jiribam and Imphal are separated by two hill districts, Noney District and Tamenglong District of Manipur. So a shelter of olderly women called Senior Citizen Home for Older Women is set-up by WWAGS at Jiribam town, ward no 9 so that older women can come and stay at this home without any difficulty and the list of beneficiaries and staffs of this Home are given below:

SL NO. Name Father/Mother/Husband Name D.O.B Photo Address Date Of Entry
1 Wahengbam Tenden Devi W Radhamohon Singh 05-02-1940 Chandrapur Ward No. VIII 01-04-2020
2 Heisnam Pashotlei Devi H Premo Singh 08-04-1954 Lakhipur Ward No. VIII 01-04-2020
3 Yurembam Tampha Devi Y Dilipkumar Singh 01-02-1943 Hilghat Khunou 01-04-2020
4 Meisnam Bibi Devi M Romon Singh 01-01-1960 Gularthoi 01-04-2020
5 Thangjam Leirik Devi Th Biren Singh 01-01-1945 Kamaranga Maning Leikai 01-04-2020
6 Yengkhom Bijayanti Devi Y Bagindra Singh 03-01-1959 Jakuradhor Part I 01-04-2020
7 Saugaijam Chandramani Devi S. Kulo Singh 01-01-1939 Kamaranga Gularthoi 01-04-2019
8 K Ingenlei Devi K. Nilkunjo Singh 21-02-1952 Kamaranga Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
9 Yumnam Purnimashi Devi Y Natum Singh 01-01-1957 Kamaranga Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
10 Lourembam Tonrei Narhari 07-03-1945 Kamranga 01-04-2019
11 Lourembam Hemabati Devi L. Babaton Singh 07-10-1958 Sorok Atingbi Kamaranga 01-04-2019
12 Leitanthem Angoubi Devi L. Birachcandra Singh 01-01-1950 Kamaranga Mayai Leikai 01-04-2019
13 Aheibam Subashini Devi A. Jiten Singh 01-01-1956 Kamaranga Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
14 Konjengbam Bindasakhi Devi K. Mani Singh 01-01-1950 Kamaranga Mamang Leikai 01-04-2019
15 Thounaojam Meratombi Devi Th. Basudev Singh 01-01-1949 Kamaranga Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
16 Haoraobam Nilabati Devi H. Gopeshwor Singh 01-01-1958 Hilghat Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
17 Moirangthem Akashini Devi M. Lalmohon Singh 05-11-1956 Hilghat Gularthoi 01-04-2019
18 Mutum Pishaktombi Devi M. Birchandra Singh 22-02-1954 Hilghat Mayai Leikai 01-04-2019
19 Kangabam Nena Devi K. Ibochou Singh 02-02-1952 Hilghat Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
20 Khuraijam Sorojini Devi Kh. Nilababu Singh 01-03-1942 Hilghat Mayai Leikai 01-04-2019
21 Ph Probha Devi Ph. Babato Singh 01-01-1952 Boroikhal Hilghat 01-04-2019
22 Irom Juti Devi I. Promut Singh 01-05-1950 Hilghat Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
23 Wangkhem Sabitri Devi W. Phulo Singh 02-05-1948 Hilghat Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
24 Pukhrambam Manibi Devi P. Rajendro Singh 05-05-1951 Hilghat Maning Leikai 01-04-2019
25 Khangembam Nungshitombi Devi Kh. Babu Singh 01-01-1955 Hilghat Mayai Leikai 01-04-2019

Staff List of Lakhimpur Ward No. 9 (Jiribam District)

SL NO. Name Father/Mother/Husband Name Educational Qualification Designation Date Of Appointment
1 Aheibam Jeenata Devi Kh. Seitendra Singh B.Sc Social Worker/Counsellor 01-04-2019
2 Sinam Romita Devi L. Samarjit Singh B.Sc. Yoga Therapist 01-04-2019
3 Ningombam Geetamani Devi N. Jayanta Singh ANM Staff Nurse (P/T) 01-04-2019
4 Takhelchangbam Thambaltombi Devi T. Raghumani Sharma X Cook 01-04-2019
5 Mutum Amit Kumar Singh M. Birchandra Singh XII Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2019
6 Lairellakpam Imo Singh L. Ibomcha Singh X Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2019
7 Heikrujam Dhanajit Singh H. Ramananda Singh B.Sc. Superintendent 01-04-2020
8 Kh. Seitendra Singh Kh. Jayanta Singh MBBS Doctor (P/T) 01-04-2020
9 Mutum Mabem Devi M. Amitkumar x Multi Tasking Staff 01-04-2020