About The Project

SHG-BANK LINKAGE PROGRAMME (SHPI, NABARD): Poor people cannot get financial assistance from banks as they cannot provide collaterals to the Bank for their credit requirement. However bank is ready to provide credit to them if they have peer pressure affinity within them. So WWAGS had formed 52 SHGs at 4 villages namely Salungpham, Ukkhongsang, Tentha and Echam Khunou to assist the poor people to get financial helps from the bank as on March 2020 under the SHPI project NABARD. All the 52 SHGs had done saving linkage with the nearby banks and started Internal Lending among the members of each SHG. But of these 52 SHGs, 45 SHGs had been connected credit linkage with banks and these 45 SHGs availed loans from Bank at the rate of Rs. 70,000 to each SHG. The remaining 7 SHGs will be connected Credit linkage with Bank as soon as possible.