About Organization

WANGJING WOMEN AND GIRLS SOCIETY (WWAGS), (Rural Development Services) is an organisation formed on the 22nd Dec. 1958. The idea of existence of WWAGS came in the mind of the young and educated men and women after the 2nd World War which affected a lot of people. A lot of people died unnaturally due to the lack of food and using open tank water for drinkable purposes since they were not aware the importance of hygiene. Seeing such conditions, some local volunteers started working in the area of development and the WWAGS cooperated with a single mind in order to fulfill their aims since the working was started for the people in the rural in accessible areas particularly women and girls of the weaker section of the society.

The WWAGS is a non-profit making, non-political, non-religious organisation and the members having the dedicated spirit in the field of public help, sticking to secularism on true democratic ground started working. The WWAGS emphasized on the income generating programmes and social upliftment of the women and girls in the rural areas particularly the destitute and aged women. Such women are provided food, vitamins, fruits and essential commodities in cooperation with the local organisations, associations, clubs and Mahila Mandals. Regarding income generating programme, WWAGS took up programmes both in valley and hills.

The WWAGS has completed some projects like income generating programme, social forestry, Adult Education, Health and Sanitation and benefited a large no. of women, men and girls in Thoubal and Chandel District. In the hill areas, income generating programmes such as Piggery, Weaving, Social Forestry, Banana Plantation, Pineapple Plantation etc. were taken up so that they can meet their financial needs. With the aim of self employment, increasing employment opportunities for rural women living below the poverty line by upgrading and strengthening their activities WWAGS benefited men and women in the rural areas.

In recognisation of its outstanding contribution in the field of Adult Education with the aims of literacy for all in India by 2000 A.D., WWAGS was honored with the UNESCO - National Literacy Mission (NLM) Award 1998, for outstanding contribution in the field of Adult Literacy on the 4th Feb. 1999 at New Delhi, Chaired by former Minister of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India and Prof. Federico Mayor, Director General, UNESCO, France and also WWAGS was honored the State Best Volunteer Award 2004 by the All Manipur NGOs Forum, Manipur. The WWAGS is a State Level Organization working particularly in the state of Manipur but for the last 7years it has been working in 8 states of North Eastern Region of India in the fields of North East India Zonal Water Partnership (NEIZWP) as a Convener under Global Water Partnership and India Water Partnership.